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1.4 miles of New Trail


The Harlem Valley Rail Trail has expanded northward! So we at the Harlem Valley Rail Ride are tinkering with the routes to include this beautiful, newly-paved section of trail. We’re also adding another 100 mile route, as an alternative to our regular 100 mile Hill Monster. The new 100 mile option will include the standard marvelous scenery and epic rest stops, but will extend westward, to the flatlands, where there’s less elevation. Hence this route’s nickname, the Leg Saver. 


We will be offering a new 22 mile route featuring 18 miles of luxurious Rail Trail riding. And when cyclists peel off from the Rail Trail in Amenia, NY, they will discover a new rest stop, located at at a local horse farm, with amazing panoramic views of the valley. This option allows cyclists 14 and under to ride free, if accompanied by an adult who is registered for the event.

 2015 Routes were updated last year to allow cyclists access to the newest, most freshly-paved stretches of Rail Trail.

100 Mile Hill Challenge: 

This route remains basically the same as in years past:  all of the five hills—or should I say mountains—are still on the course.  The elevation gain is a teeth-chattering 6925ft.

100 Mile Leg Saver: 

This route will put you on flatter roads for the first 17 miles, at which point you will meet up with the other 100 mile/80 mile cyclists. You will ride together through the next three rest stops, then diverge again, them for the mountains, you for the picturesque valley. The Leg Saver route then merges again with the exhausted Hill Challenge riders for an incredible new rest stop at the Rail Trail Head.  There will also be a special rest stop after that just for the Leg Saver folks.  Then the riders will return via the Rail Trail to the festival and barbecue. The elevation gain is 4824ft.

80 Mile:  

This route features two serious climbs. It is largely the same as the 75 mile route from years past, but extended to include the new section of Rail Trail. The elevation gain is 4152ft.

72 Mile: 

This route doesn’t include the two serious climbs in the 80, but has one serious hill of its own. It starts with 10 miles of smooth Rail Trail riding, and a gorgeous new rest stop. The elevation gain is 3236ft.

​57 Mile: 

This route is the same as last year, but is extended 4 miles to include new sections of the Rail Trail. The elevation gain is 2368ft.

45 Mile:  

This route takes you to 3 great rest stops and features only 1678ft. of elevation.

33 Mile:  

This route is 10 miles longer than the 23 mile route, but doesn’t have the 18 miles of Rail Trail.  Elevation gain is 1193ft.

23 Mile Rail Trail Ride: 

This route will take you through 10 miles of smooth, traffic-free trail. At which point, you will ditch the trail and ride 4 miles to an incredible new rest stop, with a panoramic view of the valley. Then it’s back to the trail, and to the festival and barbecue. This option allows cyclists 14 and under to ride free, if accompanied by an adult who is registered for the event.This route has 666ft. of elevation.